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Depression Defeated

by M.H., United Kingdom

Praise God for my daughter’s healing. I want to thank all at KCM for your prayers and support during a most difficult time.
My daughter had been seriously ill with depression, and during the last 18 months tried to commit suicide nine times. With the love and support from KCM, wonderful prayers and healing scriptures, I stood on my Father’s Word and refused to let the enemy take her away from me.
Praise God, she has been healed. She then had to overcome the decision of whether or not she was going to be allowed to return to her studies at medical school. The dean and board were going to have to decide and there were several barriers. Once again, the love and prayers from the KCM team came against the barriers and two days before term was to start she received a call saying she could return to her studies. She is really enjoying being there and it’s wonderful to see the light in her eyes again.