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Why are my confessions not working?
Why are my confessions not working?
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Your words are powerful. And speaking the Word of God over every circumstance is exactly what we’re called to do (Mark 11:23).

But what happens when it seems like your confessions aren’t working?

There was a woman who was hit over the head and mugged while out running errands. She was so upset and couldn’t understand what happened. ““How could this happen to me?” she asked. “I confess Psalm 91 protection over myself every day!”

Maybe you’ve felt the same. You’ve confessed a scripture and then seen the opposite results and wondered why.

When pressed further, it turned out that the Lord had checked her in her spirit and warned her not to go to that part of town that day. So even though she had been confessing right things, she was out of alignment because she had not heeded the Lord.

Your confessions are only part of the equation. If they aren’t based on real, authentic faith, they won’t work. If you’re just rapid-firing scriptures over a situation without having heard from God about the matter, you may be confessing amiss. There are a lot of verses in the Bible! God will quicken the right one for you according to your situation through a rhema word. In other words, He will personalize your confessions for you if you ask and listen.

Finally, just like the woman who missed the mark by not listening to God’s warning, if you don’t obey what He tells you—even the seemingly small things—your confessions will come up short.

Keep speaking right words, but also seek Him for a rhema word regarding your situation and be sure you listen and obey!