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What if my spouse is against tithing?
What if my spouse is against tithing?
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It can be difficult to have a strong conviction about something as important as tithing, but it not be shared by your spouse. The enemy would like you to think you cannot have financial success because of your spouse’s objection to tithing. 

Don’t fear for your financial success because of your spouse’s refusal to tithe. God’s love not only for you, but for both you and your spouse is unfailing. Brother Copeland has offered the following advice for situations like this: “If your mate refuses to allow you to tithe with your money, then tithe your time, your prayer life or your talents. Whatever it is that you can give, give it. Tithe from it with the idea that, although you may be limited as to what you can give, you will joyfully do what you can. For the Lord loves a cheerful giver. He looks at the attitude of the heart, not how much is given (2 Corinthians 9:6-8).”

Concentrate your focus on the love of God. Remember, God’s love and goodness is the only thing that will bring true change to your spouse’s heart (Romans 2:4). Arguing with your spouse about finances won’t. Not only does arguing and being in strife not help anyone, but most people are repelled from spiritual things when confronted with strife. Refuse strife and choose the way of love.