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What do I do when someone speaks against me?
What do I do when someone speaks against me?
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This is a test. If you remember anything from this answer, remember: This is only a test.

The good news? You can pass with flying colors!

You may feel like a victim right now, and that’s just what the devil wants you to think. On the contrary! You have the power. This is an opportunity for promotion. How you handle this situation will determine where God will take you next.

The worldly response is to either lash back or cry in your pillow. But you’re a child of the Most High God! And you’ve been given all authority. So, here’s what you do instead.

  1. Forgive. As soon as you forgive, you go free. Keep in mind the devil is the accuser here, so when people speak against you, they’re being used by him. 
  2. Break Every Curse Spoken Over You. Say, “I break every curse spoken over me, every negative word, in Jesus’ Name. I declare that I am the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath. Every tongue that rises against me shall be found to be in the wrong.”
  3. Pray for Those Who Slandered You. Praying for your enemies is so, so powerful in the spirit realm. It keeps you in forgiveness and in obedience to God’s Word.
  4. Ask God if You Should Respond. Sometimes Jesus responded when He was being accused. Sometimes He didn’t. How do you know when to speak or stay silent? By listening for the leading of the Holy Spirit. It is tempting to defend yourself, but God says He is your avenger (Romans 12:19) and He will bring you justice. It doesn’t always happen instantly, but He does a much better job than we ever could! 

Above all, love is the answer to every challenging situation. It NEVER fails.

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