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Should my business tithe
Should my business tithe?
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Absolutely! Just as it is the key to personal financial success, so it is also critical for blessings in your business. When you honor God for the increase He provides for your business, it opens the door for Him to bless your business even more! But keep in mind that business tithing looks a bit different than personal tithing.

Proverbs 3:9-10 instructs us to honor the Lord with the firstfruits of our increase. For a business, increase is a tenth of your business profits—not the gross revenue. Some businesses do not bring in a 10% gross margin, which if tithing on the gross revenue, would ultimately cause a business to continually operate in the red. Therefore, business tithes should be given from business profit after overhead expenses and employees’ salaries and creditors have been paid.

Tithing from your business sets you apart from other businesses and allows you to operate in kingdom financial principles. You can expect the supernatural to show up in your business when you do! It is the same reason we here at Kenneth Copeland Ministries tithe 10% of what is sown into our work, into other ministries. There is always a return for honoring the Lord!

God has created a wealth-generating system that cannot fail! Find out how you can operate in it HERE.