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Recently I heard about someone who believed God would heal them but died.
Recently I heard about someone who believed God would heal them but died. Will God heal me or not?
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Yes! You can always count on God to heal you! He has given you His Word on it and He always keeps His Word.

James 5:15 leaves no room for doubt. It says, “...the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.”

Why then do so many good Christians remain sick? Because, they somehow fail to receive God’s provision of healing.

That’s not to say they are bad people. They may be wonderful people, people who love God with all their hearts. Yet they allow something to block them off from God’s healing power.

Now, some people get upset when I say that. “Oh, no,” they’ll argue, “Aunt Martha didn’t miss it. She did everything right. God just didn’t heal her.”

I don’t care what people tell you about a situation, God is not at fault. If you and I (or anyone else) have trouble receiving healing, we’re the ones who are making the mistake. It may be an innocent mistake that comes from being in the dark about some truth in God’s Word, but it’s our mistake just the same.

I know He is endeavoring in every way to get all of His children healed. He’s trying harder to get us to receive healing than we are!

So don’t stumble over someone else’s experience. Only God knows what’s in a person’s heart. Instead, trust Him. Fill your heart and mind with His Word instead of the traditions of men. He will never let you down!