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Is it a sin to borrow money?
Is it a sin to borrow money?
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Borrowing money is not a sin. 

But it isn’t God’s best either. 

Everything in God’s Word is designed to keep you at the top in every area of life—including financially. You are called to be the head, not the tail; above, not beneath; and the lender, not the borrower (Deuteronomy 28:12-13). In other words, borrowing money is not the goal!

If you want to move to the top as God intended, make debt freedom your aim. Build your faith to receive cars, houses and anything else debt free. And make a decision to stop using credit cards! 

Ultimately, when it comes to financial matters, don’t take borrowing money lightly. It is a binding agreement, after all. Instead, seek the Lord with every decision you make. Be sure that lenders aren’t becoming your source and standing in the place where God should be.