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How should I pray over my meals?
How should I pray over my meals?
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1 Timothy 4:3-5 tells us that our food is made acceptable by the Word and prayer.

So, when you bless your food at each meal, take the time to do more than a quick, “Bless this food.” This is your opportunity to pray protection over yourself—to bless it and sanctify it, and pray against anything that would cause illness, in Jesus’ Name. If you’re at a restaurant, you can include a prayer over the people who will be preparing your food—that they’ll handle it correctly with wisdom. 

Also, remember to take the time to thank God for provision and for your daily bread. Our food is sanctified through thanksgiving, prayer and faith. Remember, you have been given the same authority to bless things that Jesus had when He was on earth. THE BLESSING is the force that covers our food and protects us.

And don’t neglect moving over into tongues when you pray over your food. Let the Holy Spirit take over, and pray those words that you don’t know to pray.