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How do I receive the help of angels?
How do I receive the help of angels?
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Utilizing the ministry of angels is part of your salvation package! God provided these powerful beings to aid you on the earth, bless you and minister to you. If you haven’t been tapping into this powerful, supernatural resource, here is how you can receive the help of angels.

1. Speak the Word.
Angels are waiting to respond to your words. When you find yourself in a situation—one of possible physical danger, one where you need deliverance, or one where you require material or financial help—speak the Word only. This allows your angels to minister on your behalf—to work for you, to intervene. When you speak against the Word of God, their hands are tied—they can’t move an inch to help you.

2. Pray for angels.
When you ask God to deploy your angels, He will do so. Jesus said God would have sent 12 legions of angels to His rescue had He asked for them (Matthew 26:51-53). Prayer will release angels on your behalf. Every time you leave your house, ask that angels protect you in every vehicle you ride in, every building you walk in, and every situation. 

3. Call on the Name of Jesus.
The Name of Jesus catches the attention of God’s angels. They will respond to the Name above all names and come to your rescue (Hebrews 1:6). 

When you trust and believe that God will send His angels to help you (Psalm 91:11), you are receiving their intervention by faith. Thank Him and praise Him because He has given His angels charge over you. Thank Him for providing you with an entire army to enforce what is rightfully yours.