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How do I deal with a bad report from the doctor?
How do I deal with a bad report from the doctor?
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If you have received a bad report from the doctor, what you do from this point on will turn your life in one direction or the other. You have a choice to make—hook your wagon to the facts the doctor gave you or to the truth Jesus died to give you.

God’s covenant with you promises you healing from every sickness and disease, which means you have the right to live in divine health all the days of your life (Isaiah 53:4-5; Matthew 8:17). 

On the other hand, you have what the devil is throwing at you, which is:

  • Everything you can see, feel, hear, smell and taste on the outside 
  • Your symptoms 
  • What the news says, or what the people around you speak and believe
  • Commercials telling you that you should count on needing pharmaceuticals.

To stay on the winning side, we must NEVER, EVER YIELD to the world’s way of thinking, but rather, like our father Abraham, consider not the opposing view. We must boldly call things that be not as though they were: “I know what the doctor said, but I call my body well. Heart, I call you well. Eyes, I call you well. Stomach, feet, etc., I call you well.”

Stand and contend for your healing. And be sure your first words and every other word out of your mouth from this point forward are words of faith only.

And if you need someone to stand in agreement with you, call us! We’re here for you. You can reach us at 817-852-6000.