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Prophecy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".  

'Yes, LORD'!

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland on September 21, 2018
Charlotte Victory Campaign, Charlotte, North Carolina

“Faith is the open door. Faith opens the door to move into things of the spirit that seem like, in times past, there was no door open in that. You could see others moving in by the spirit—others manifesting speaking out prophetically, operation of tongues, interpretation of tongues. But it just seems like nothing ever happened to you. And you’ve wondered about it and you thought, Is there something wrong with me?

“Have you ever exercised your faith and made yourself available to The LORD Jesus to use you? ‘Well, no, Brother Copeland. I was just waiting.’ All this time He’s been waiting for you. So, you just need to say, ‘Lord, I’m available. I’m yours to command.’ And listen. Listen. Listen. And you’ll begin to grow, and you’ll begin to have understanding, and you’ll begin to say, ‘I see more than I ever did before.’ And The LORD will begin to use you, and you’ll be going into a grocery store and somebody will walk by and suddenly you’ll say, ‘That person needs healing in their ears. Lord, what do you want me to do?’ And He’ll say, ‘Go over and touch them,’ or He may say, ‘Just stand there and pray in the Spirit;’ or He will give you instructions. And that is a manifestation of the Spirit of God and His gifts to minister to people. Amen. 

“Yes, LORD. If you only did that, you’d be surprised how much I can do with you and through you and for you. If you’d just get up in the morning and say, ‘Yes, LORD. Good morning, LORD. Yes, LORD. I’m yours to command today, LORD. Yes, LORD. My answer is yes. My answer is yes. Yes, LORD. For what all you thought would be a hard task you’ll find out as you yield and say, ‘Yes, LORD,’ all of a sudden, the burden of it will just seem to melt like a snowball in a hot summer afternoon. And you’ll be eager to move and eager to step out and just thrilled to see what Jesus is going to do next.”