Prophecy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".

'You’ve Known Me!'
Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland on August 5, 2005
Southwest Prosperity Overflow Convention
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Well, the word of The LORD came to me, saying, “You’ve known Me and do know Me as your LORD and your Savior. And many, many of you and many, many others know Me as Baptizer in the Holy Ghost. You know Me and have known Me for a long time as your healer, as your deliverer. Many of you have come to trust Me and know Me,” saith The LORD, “as your chief financial officer, as the source for your heavenly and earthly blessings in this life. You’ve known Me and do know Me as your very contact with the Father Himself. Ah, but very soon, much sooner than any of you think, much sooner than any of you know, you’re about to know Me as the great Resurrection. Hallelujah. It’s here. It’s upon us. I’m telling you the catching away of the Church. The raising resurrection. The great glorification of the Body of Christ. Oh, I tell, I hear it again. No, it’s closer than that. And however close you think it is, it’s closer than that. It is at hand,” saith The LORD. “Prepare yourself. Get ready, and help Me get others ready because the time is here. All that you’ve believed for is coming to pass very, very shortly.”