Prophesy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".

'This Is My Move'!
Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland on June 24, 2023
2023 Chattanooga Victory Campaign, Chattanooga, TN
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“What My Spirit has done in Asbury is a precious thing to heaven.  And it will seem, later on this year, that it’s begun to wane and fall away. But then it will surge back more powerful than it ever has before. And many, many, many more will begin to run toward that place in Kentucky.  It is a holy place. It is holy ground, and it will continue, and it will continue, and it will continue to spread all over this nation. And then it will go south toward Mexico. And then it will swing down into the Caribbean. 

“And this is My move,” saith The LORD. “I’m coming sooner than you think, and My house will be full. So rejoice and know that the time is so close and so near, but the greatest part is yet to come. But you haven’t seen anything yet like what is on stage for the United States of America. I’m stirred up,” saith The LORD. “I am stirred up.”