Prophesy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".

God Did It!
Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland on April 8, 2016
2016 Branson Victory Campaign
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“Heaven and earth are closer together than they have ever been, and it is like the psalmist said, ‘Our time has come.’

“It’s time for God to manifest Himself as never before. The things that He’s doing in this nation…Oh no, don’t pay so much attention to what the news media says. They know little to nothing. And what little they do know, they change it to fit their own purpose.

“If you will listen to Me, I’ll tell you what’s happening before it happens,” saith The LORD. “I’ll show you things to come. And if you were to look inside the things that are coming, you’d say, ‘Glory to God! Yes. I’ll take that, and I’ll take some of that, and I’ll take some of that. Glory to God. I don’t have to take any of the rest of that other.’

“Listen to Me,” saith The LORD. “I’ll show you how and I will tell you secret things in the spirit by My Spirit. And if you’ll listen to Me and take My ways by faith, I will bless you beyond your wildest dreams. I’ll take little and turn it into much. And I will show you heaven’s ways of doing business. And when other businesses are failing, and when other churches are failing and closing their doors, you will be prospering beyond reasonable ideas.

“But in order to walk with Me, and in order for you to move in and out in these things,” saith The LORD, by the Spirit you will have to move and live and operate in the supernatural. But after all, that’s where I called you and that’s where I’ve anointed you, and if you’ll listen to Me, and if you’ll do it My way, and if you’ll not choke it off when I reveal things to you, then living and walking in the supernatural for a born-again, Holy Ghost, baptized believer is no more difficult than it is for a fish to swim through the water. Because as a fish is in his natural environment, a born-again, Holy Spirit-filled believer living in the supernatural is in his or her natural environment. This is where you were born to be. You’re born to Me, and I will take you by the hand and I will walk you through it day by day, hour by hour. And I’ll show you things that others don’t know. And they’ll come around and say, ‘How did you do that?’ And you’ll just smile and say, ‘I didn’t. God did. Isn’t He wonderful?’”