Prophesy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".

We Have Been Raised Up
Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland on March 7, 2008
2008 Branson Victory Campaign
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“I invited you to My throne and you said, ‘Oh no, LORD, I’m not qualified.’ I invited you into My very own life, and health and you said, ‘Oh no, LORD, I’m unworthy.’ I shed My blood and gave you an invitation to come boldly and sit on the throne of grace, and find mercy and grace to help in a time of need, and you said, ‘Oh no, not me, LORD, I’m just so unworthy, oh no, I could never do that.’ How long will you insult My Cross and My WORD? I have called you and raised you up together with Me. I put My blood in the heavenly Holy of holies, so that you could be called after My Name, and you hardened your heart. And you hardened heart, and you hardened your heart and you made little songs up about it—how unworthy you are—and how you just grumbling around through the dirt of life, like worms in some ungodly fashion. I defeated the worms in the dirt so you could stand and sit on a throne. You were unworthy and I did it anyway. You were unrighteous and I bore your unrighteousness. Don’t you ever come before Me and grovel around in the dirt calling yourself unworthy. You stand upright on your feet, you humble yourself unto the mighty hand of God, not by humiliating yourself and humiliating your name. I never said that. I told you to humble yourself unto the mighty hand of God, casting all of your cares over on Me. I will take your cares. I will take care of it. It’s when you try to carry your own cares that you foul up and mess up in a royal manner. I never created you to bear cares. I never created you to bear sickness and disease. I certainly never created you for poverty.

“I created wealth for you, I created you for wealth. Far more than the human mind can conceive, not so you can just walk in pride. But, so that you could bless the entire earth.

“I’ve given you My Name and I’ve given you My Spirit. I’ve given you My WORD, and I’ve shed My blood, and poured it out and confirmed a forever oath. And I will perform it,” saith The LORD. “But, I need you not to harden your heart when I invite you to come sit with Me. 'Cause I love you, and I care for you and these are our days. And if you’ll listen to Me, I’ll cause you to walk in places that you haven’t even dreamed you could go. I’ll bring you in the presence of kings, and I’ll cause you to walk in places where poverty is so rampant. And people will fall in love with you, because I will put My love in you and on you. And you’ll carry My Name, and you’ll carry the healing power and you’ll carry prosperity with you wherever you go. And people will know you as the one that brought Jesus to the neighborhood. So give The LORD praise and give Him thanksgiving. For these are the days to rise up out of the dirt, and the smoke, and come to that place and rejoice, because The LORD your God has saved you.” Hallelujah!