Prophecy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".

My Ways Are the Right Way
Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland on March 6, 2009
Branson Victory Campaign
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Glory, glory, glory. "Aha, My ways have never looked right to the world. My thoughts have always been confusing to the natural mind. Haven’t you read in My WORD that My thoughts and My ways and spiritual things look foolish to the carnal mind? Ah, but to My people, My ways begin to look like the right way. And the more you walk that way and the more it alters your form of thinking, you do come to the place where it no longer looks funny or out of line—it begins to look right. It begins to look good because you become excited about the future. And you begin to realize my future’s not in the stock market, my future’s not in the oil business, my future’s not in silver or gold. There is silver and gold in my future but my future is not in silver and gold. Jesus is my future, hallelujah. Oh yes, my future is bright, heaven is in my future."