Prophecy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".

'Come Hide Away With Me'!
Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland on January 19, 2021
Eagle Mountain International Church, Fort Worth, TX, USA
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“There is a hiding place and you heard it said of old, ‘Come, saith The LORD, and let us reason together.’ That was in a time gone by. You and I don’t reason together. We just need to visit one another. Of course there is a day of visitation, but I’m not referring to that. I’m referring to moments and times in a hiding place where you just come see Me. Just come visit with Me, and I’ll just visit with you. I will sit and listen to you, and then you sit and listen to Me, because if you will allow Me to be, I will be your very best Friend. I’ll be the One with whom you can visit when you can’t even share things with other people because I love you and I care very dearly for you. 

“And these are My days. And there are those who would like to take our relationship away from us, but that can never happen unless you allow it because I won’t put up with it. I’m your Father. I’m your blood Brother. And you have to remember, I’ve been there. I’ve been in that earth. I’ve been in that place, and I rose up early in the morning and visited with My Father. That’s the only way I could make it. I had to have My visitation time with Him. I had to have those moments because things were hard and were working hard against My mind. I understand. I know because I’ve been there.

“And these lightweight politicians today, some of them think they’re really somebody. They’ve never seen some big guys. They’ve never had to deal with Nebuchadnezzar. They’ve never had to deal with the pharaohs, but I was there. I was there. And Daniel would pull aside and visit with Me. And I spoke to him through My mighty archangels. They’re still around. They’re still here.

“So rejoice and be glad. For I am here, and I am your secret place. Come hide away with Me. Come spend time with Me. Climb up into those high places like Moses went on top of Mount Nebo. Climb Mount Nebo in the spirit. Climb up here where you can see. And we’ll visit together, and we’ll talk with one another, and I’ll share My dreams with you. And you’ll know Me better than you know anyone. You’ll even have a place with Me that just never goes away. And it’ll come to that place where you just shut everything off and listen and listen and listen and listen.”