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In print since 1973, the Believer's Voice of Victory magazine has transformed lives across the globe. This FREE monthly publication is filled with powerful tools for spiritual growth; articles by ministry leaders; testimonies from people just like you and much more.

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Deep Roots, Beautiful Fruit

by Melanie Hemry

At 14 years old, Bob Nichols knew he was called to preach the gospel. Looking back at the challenges and opportunities the ensuing years brought, he knows that faith—and partnership—put him over, forming deep roots and abundant fruit.

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July 2011

It's up to you whether you're BLESSED or cursed. The choice is yours. If you want to live in THE ... more

June 2011

Putting God's love for us first place in our thinking causes something powerful to happen!

May 2011

At the end of the day, what you and your family are saying to each other at home is what is ... more

April 2011

Richard and Diana Escobedo were in minstry and had been married for only six months when Diana ... more

March 2011

KCM Australia's director has a passion to reach the lost in Asia, and this month we're celebrating ... more

February 2011

Abandoned by her mother at age 4, Vicky Hewer grew up in foster homes and believing lies ... more

January 2011

Even the most sincere saints can lose their way. See how to set yourself right in the middle of ... more

December 2010

Do you call it like it is...or like The Word says it should be? See how your words form your ... more

November 2010

Read how one word from God changed KCM Partner Rhodonna Boyd forever - rescuing her from a life ... more

October 2010

Read how Hrishi Baskaran, a Hindu Brahmin priest, found what he was missing—in a personal, ... more

September 2010

Malignant melanoma struck fear in the hearts of Cathy and Charles Asbridge, but they learned to ... more

August 2010

You can live in heaven on earth now—right in the midst of the world’s financial ... more