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Healing Is Here
Healing Is Here
Kenneth Copeland

In His earthly ministry, Jesus proved that healing is always God’s will. He always did the will of the Father, healing all who came to Him. He never refused to heal anyone, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. So keep feeding on, speaking and believing God’s healing Word and don’t quit until your healing has manifested.

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January 2011
Get on the Right Road
Kenneth Copeland

Even the most sincere saints can lose their way. See how to set yourself right in the middle of God's will for your life today.

December 2012
Going Up?
Kenneth Copeland

You don’t have to spend one more moment “under your circumstances.” You can put God’s WORD in your mouth and start going up—right now.

November 2012
Faith to Overcome
Melanie Hemry

John Ward was in constant pain from a debilitating disease that doctors said would leave him incapacitated. In his pain, he raged at his wife and daughters until they were ready to leave him. Then, God turned their situation around and restored what the devil tried to steal.

October 2012
Standing, Despite the Odds
Melanie Hemry

Young and healthy, Paul “Rifle” Schutte was shocked when what he thought was a case of the flu was diagnosed as multiple sclerosis. Doctors gave him no hope for a “normal” life, but God gave Rifle a brand-new life.

September 2012
Melanie Hemry

When Miranda Eyles, a surgical nurse, discovered a lump in her breast, experience told her it was cancerous. Declining immediate hospitalization, she kept her plans to attend a KCM meeting, where she immersed herself in the Word.

August 2012
The Untouchables
Melanie Hemry

Mickey Whitehead wanted to be like the gangster Frank “The Enforcer” Nitti. And at 15, Mickey robbed a savings and loan.

July 2012
Fearless Faith
Melanie Hemry

When Todd Anderson was bitten by a diamondback rattlesnake, his wife, Cindy, was led by the Spirit as she decided which hospital to take him to.

June 2012
Things I’ve Learned From My Dad
John Copeland

As a successful adult and CEO of KCM, John Copeland gives some insight into how he was raised by his dad, Kenneth Copeland.

May 2012
Living the Dream
Gloria Copeland

What God wants to do in your life is much higher, greater and more exciting than anything this world has to offer, so sell out to Him! Make the decision to be a dwelling place of God and let His light shine through you to those in darkness around you.

April 2012
The Faith of Abraham
Kenneth Copeland

THE BLESSING of Abraham is yours the moment you are born again. Find out how to exercise your checking privileges and get those promises from heaven to earth.

March 2012
Guardian Nine
Melanie Hemry

When Sergeant First Class Tracey Baker was sent to Afghanistan and Iraq, he depended on God’s promises of protection to keep his family safe in his absence, and himself and his men out of harm’s way.

February 2012
The Right Decision at Center Aisle
Ronald C. Jordan

Larry Joe Wright was cleaning horse stalls and asking himself why. A few years before, he was prospering in full-time ministry with his family, seeing people delivered and healed. Find out how an unlikely encounter with Kenneth Copeland turned his life around.