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Melanie Hemry

When Kent and Priscilla Pate received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and started digging into the Word of God, their lives were transformed. God called them to full-time ministry, and their obedience led them from Bible school to international leadership ministry; from the Navajo Nation to helping incarcerated veterans rebuild their lives, with an even bigger vision for the future.

Previous Issues

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July 2020
Kenneth Copeland

In these last days before Jesus returns, God is putting together a team of believers who absolutely love God, love each other and love living by faith in God’s WORD—a team of be

June 2020
One Dangerous Marine
Melanie Hemry

Tom Westberry lost it all. He lost his business, his wealth, his home, his wife and several close friends.

May 2020
The Sweet Smell of Success
Melanie Hemry

As her husband lay lifeless after collapsing to the floor, Christa Tomlin refused to open her mouth until God told her what words to speak. Suddenly, Christa declared: “In the Name of Jesus, be made whole!”—twice! And Jim began to breathe.

April 2020
An Apostle to Physicians
Melanie Hemry

At age 8, Avery Jackson didn’t understand what it meant when the Lord told him that he would grow up to be a neurosurgeon.

March 2020
Remembering Reinhard Bonnke: He Plundered Hell and Populated Heaven
Ronald C. Jordan

At 10 years old, Reinhard Bonnke already knew he wanted to be a missionary to Africa.

February 2020
'The Real Me Didn't Die'
Melanie Hemry

Richard Jordan was trimming a tree whose branches were entangled with a power line. In a moment of time, 7200 volts of electricity struck him in the head.

January 2020
Creating a New Reality
Melanie Hemry

Cameron Arnett’s successful acting career came to a halt when he was blacklisted for refusing to accept a role that required partial nudity. Unable to find work, he lost everything, including his family. But God has since restored all that was lost.

December 2019
Hear and Be Healed
Kenneth Copeland

God put His healing power in His WORD. Hear what He says about healing, by faith receive it and be healed!

November 2019
Stand Your Ground!
Melanie Hemry

When doctors advised Jessica to medically terminate her pregnancy at 19 weeks, she and her husband, Joe, chose to trust God. With the support of their church family, little Caleb was born nine weeks later.

October 2019
Melanie Hemry

A family reunion at a Hawaiian resort took an alarming turn when 4-year-old Patrick Hardesty drowned. But God had already orchestrated his rescue.

September 2019
Wealth Without Toil
Melanie Hemry

There is nothing better than living in God’s economic system—to be out of debt and able to bless others and give as the

August 2019
Come to the Table
Melanie Hemry

Just weeks after her birth, Jim and Karen Noble were told their daughter’s medical condition was hopeless.