Additional tips on how to apply to KCM

Below are some additional tips that can help you on how to apply to KCM. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-817-252-2750. We're here for you!

Pray First.
Ask God for wisdom and direction as you review KCM’s employment opportunities.

Review the qualifications before applying.
Every position has minimum qualifications that will help you decide if it is the right position for you.

Complete your application.
A complete application speeds up the review process and reveals your attention to detail.

Avoid the résumé black hole.
Be specific about the position you are applying for so we know who should receive your application.

Request a specific salary.
Your skills are worthy of a fair wage (Matthew 10:10). Include a specific salary so that we understand your wage expectations.

Check your spelling.
When applying online, make sure to review each of your responses for misspelled words before submission.

Attach your résumé.
By attaching your résumé, you provide us with your extended experience, additional education and unique skills, revealing a complete picture of where your talents excel.

Maintain your online application.
If it has been awhile since your last application, be sure your phone number, email address and employment history are up to date.

Check your email.
We communicate by email often, so make sure to check yours (including the spam folder).

Follow up by phone. Yes, you can call us!
If you have a question or are just curious where your application is in the review process, feel free to pick up the phone and call us. We enjoy getting to know our applicants and we never mind providing you with a quick update. You can reach our Human Resources department directly at 1-817-252-2750. We’re here for you!