Prophesy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".

‘I’ve Given You Rights!’
Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland on August 19, 2016
Living Victory Anaheim
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“You haven’t been using it enough. It’s been too light and easy with you. You don’t recognize what I’ve given you in the spirit,” saith The LORD. “I’ve given you rights and privileges that angels can’t even talk about. You come and sit in My presence. No angels sit in My presence. But you’re family. You’re family. You’re My own. You’re born of My Spirit. Didn’t I say in Ephesians 5:30, that you are flesh of My flesh, and bone of My bone? You’re one spirit with Me. And I love you and you’re Mine. And if you’ll take to heart what I have invested in you in My Name, no devil of hell can stand in your presence. He’ll bow his knee to you just the same as he does to Me. You are in My Name. You are in the authority of that Name.”