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The Uncompromised Word of Faith

October 16, 2016 Kenneth Copeland

Today on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, Kenneth Copeland answers the question: Who ... more

How to Use the Spiritual Gifts of God

October 14, 2016 Kenneth Copeland

Watch and find out more about how you can use the spiritual gifts of God just like Jesus did on ... more

God Gives You Spiritual Gifts for Ministry

October 13, 2016 Kenneth Copeland

Learn why God gives spiritual gifts and how the same gifts Jesus utilized can work in you. 

Supercharge Your Life With God's Supernatural Power

October 12, 2016 Kenneth Copeland

Find out how to activate the supernatural power of God in your life through the power of the Holy ... more

God Has Not Left You Alone

October 11, 2016 Kenneth Copeland

God is on your side, and He hasn't left you alone! Discover the gifts He’s given you, so you can ... more

It's OK to Act Like God

October 10, 2016 Kenneth Copeland

Do you know how God acts? God always acts in faith, and He wants you to act just like Him!

Have Faith in God

October 9, 2016 Kenneth Copeland

Today, on the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast, Kenneth Copeland continues his study on ... more

How to Let God Guide You Every Day

October 7, 2016 Kenneth Copeland

Discover how God will guide you every day so you have all you need, and will accomplish what needs ... more

How to Access God Through the Holy Spirit

October 6, 2016 Kenneth Copeland

Find out how you can access all that God has by listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  ... more

Why You Should Put Your Trust in God

October 5, 2016 Kenneth Copeland

Learn why trusting God with all your heart is the key to living by faith.

How to Have Faith in God for Everything

October 4, 2016 Kenneth Copeland

Learn how to put your faith in God, and discover the answer to every problem or question you ... more

How the Faith of God Functions

October 3, 2016 Kenneth Copeland

Discover insights into how the faith of God functions and how you can use your faith every ... more