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Kenneth's Partner Letter Archive

Since 1986, each month without fail, Kenneth Copeland has personally written a letter to his Partners, sharing the latest insights and revelation the Lord has shown him. Use this archive to read his latest letter, as well as research past letters that will charge your faith. 

April 2018

Because We Belong There

No one can believe beyond their knowledge. Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing, and hearing by The WORD of God. So one could say that faith comes by hearing what God has promised about your situation. Spending time meditating on that promise will cause your heart dream to begin taking upon itself faith. Your faith will then make its connection with the Master’s power, and like the woman who had the issue of blood, you’ll be made whole. 

March 2018

Jesus The Same Yesterday Today and Forever

There is not one incident in the New Testament where anyone was turned away who came to Jesus for healing. No one was instructed to wait a while. NOT ONE! God and His WORD are One. Don’t look at the Bible as a book. Look at it as you would any honest person’s word. It’s His bond:  It is impossible for God to lie. He cannot do it! It is His perfect will for every human being to be well—spirit, soul and body. 

February 2018

Receive the Love, Believe the Love! Part Two

GOD is LOVE.” He doesn’t have LOVE. HE IS LOVE. It’s one thing to know THE LOVE and another thing to believe THE LOVE. It’s one thing to know Jesus and be born again, and another thing to believe what He says. It’s one thing to know Him, and another thing entirely to trust Him and put His WORD first place and final authority in your life.

January 2018

Receive the Love Believe the Love

LOVE never fails. It is God! You and I both know that, and we certainly agree that all that’s been said is true.  We have received THE LOVE. We have believed THE LOVE. Now, how do we renew our minds to become “LOVE-that-never-fails-in-me-now minded”?   Become God-inside minded instead of just God-in-heaven minded.