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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


Freed From Fear!

by Darathea L., Anchorage, Alaska

The Copelands visited Alaska in 2001 [Anchorage Victory Campaign]. Gloria called out those who were bound with fear. She even laid hands on me, and I was freed from fear that day!

'My Life Has Been Transformed'

by A.Y., Africa

I have come to give thanks to the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for His faithfulness.

God Protects and Provides

by Latina S., Huntsville, Texas

I thank God first and foremost, and likewise, I thank you all for praying for us through Hurricane Ike.

From Struggle to Triumph

by S.C., Indianapolis, Ind.

I wrote you during the spring requesting prayer for my daughter who was having a hard time in school with grades and struggling with mathematics.

Instant Return on Seed Sown

by Andy W., Manitoba, Canada

I sowed a seed into KCM in obedience to God's leading, and before the cheque had been processed, I received a completely unexpected cheque in the mail for nine times the amount I had sown!

KCM Prayed and God Answered!

by M.W., Alberta, Canada

I had asked for prayer for my dad who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. We prayed and I am excited to say he is cancer free now. 

A Debt-Free Car

by K.S., Cleveland, Ohio

I had believed God to buy a good car, debt free. In January 2011, I bought an attractive, low-maintenance, late-model, reliable car—debt free. Praise God!

Protection From the Storm

by A.W., Alabama

I called KCM the day of the tornado to request a prayer of protection from the storm. None of my family or friends had any damage. We were only without power for a while—praise the Lord.

‘The Blood of Jesus Is Protecting Us’

by L.A., South Africa

I would like to testify what happened as I was driving with a friend. We were stuck in traffic so we played a gospel CD. All of a sudden there was a robber at my window.

Situation Shifts Through Prayer

by Colleen C., Ontario, Canada

I live in northern Ontario. Recently, we had a very large forest fire that was burning out of control and was very close to the centre of the city.