Testimonies - Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


I’m Excited!

by Darrell C., Chattanooga, Tenn.

I’m 33 years old and I’ve been a Partner since I was 16. And I’m still excited!

Answered Prayer

by R.M., Florida

I’m an inmate whose prayer to get back in touch with my family was answered. I received the first letter in two years from my dad, and the whole family is flying down to visit!

The Lord Is Faithful to His Word

by D.G., Canada

I am writing to give a big praise report to our Lord Jesus Christ!

No Surgery Needed

by L.W., Canada

Your prayer team prayed for me as I was in the hospital. I am now home and didn’t need surgery. Praise the Lord! 

The Spirit of God Filled Me

by T.S., India

I have been watching your program for quite some time on God TV.

A Strong Heart

by R.H., Canada

I called the KCM prayer team and asked for prayer for my mom. Her blood pressure had gone up to 225 and she was rushed to the hospital.

Recovered From Bondage

by J.A.B., Pakistan

Thank you for the CD I received from your ministry with the hymns sung by Kenneth Copeland.

‘I Believed That I Received’

by C.E., Virginia

I was watching the broadcast one day when Gloria Copeland and George Pearsons were talking about prosperity.

Safety in the Secret Place

by Liz Joy, New York

We are Partners with KCM and the Swisher Evangelistic Association. Our 20-year-old son lives on the street where the first bombings in Boston happened.

Finally Free

by D.R., Ohio

I have been healed of chronic back pain after five years in bed and I’m off all medications after 30 years of suffering.