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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


God Is Good!

by T.C., Ukraine

I already had two sons when my daughter died during delivery in 2000. I had just come to the Lord, and after that I had miscarriages.

Tonsillitis Had to Go

by S.C., Tulsa, Okla.

Several people I have close contact with had tonsillitis, and I was getting symptoms, too! I had a rough time swallowing and was debating about going to the docto


Without the Smell of Smoke

by Robert Nichols,

Robert Nichols was committed to serving the Lord and strong in his faith. And when he came face to face with death, Robert emerged victorious.

From the Streets to the Pulpit

by G. & D. Mueller, California

Be encouraged as you hear how God rescued a “street-wise” young man and his girlfriend, and how they are now living as pastors and witnesses for Jesus Christ.

Kevin Alexander’s U-Turn

by Kevin Alexander, Texas

Turning from alcohol and drugs to Jesus Christ has restored Kevin Alexander to the life God planned for him!

Faith in God’s Word Saved Their Lives

by J. and D.A., Fort Worth, Texas

Watch David and Jennifer Adams’ story of God’s faithfulness to keep His Word—perfect pregnancy, perfect delivery, perfect baby. When Baby Austin was born he had trouble breathing on his own.

"I'm Like Jesus! I've Been Raised From the Dead!"

by Mark Barclay, Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Listen as Mark Barclay shares an exciting account about his granddaughter. Through a horrible accident she drowned in the swimming pool…but hear how God turned tragedy into victory!

Faith to Believe!

by Danita Brooks, Landover, MD

"I received another revelation from God that shook my world. It happened when Brother Copeland told us to repeat these words: 'God loves me as much as He loves Jesus.

The ABCs of Faith

by M. and J.B., Texas

“Looking at where they [the Copelands] started and how far they’d come, I knew that if we could learn to live by faith for prosperity, God would do the same thing for us.”

Whatever You Need to Do

by R.B., Washington

“The worse off the economy got, the more my sales increased! I made the biggest sale in my division’s history.”