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Prophecy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".  


Oct 30: 'The Time Is at Hand!'

by Kenneth Copeland
Branson Autumn Assembly of Prayer

Don’t worry about the time of judgment. Rest in the fact that you serve a God of mercy and grace. God is pouring out His Spirit, so you can relax and rejoice!

Oct 25: 'My Time Has Come!'

by Kenneth Copeland
Eagle Mountain International Church, Fort Worth, TX

God’s plan is being fulfilled and you are in it! Rest in the Lord and praise Almighty God!

Sep 17: 'I Have a Plan'

by Kenneth Copeland
2015 Word Explosion, Columbia, S.C.

The plan of God to take care of you is found by seeking God. Don’t be distracted by other voices, look to Jesus for your assignment.

Sep 11: 'Inquire of Me'

by Kenneth Copeland
New York Living Victory Campaign

God has great and wonderful plans for you to bless you and keep you from harm. Ask Him and listen for His answer, then obey!

Aug 29: Watch for Me!

by Kenneth Copeland
Word of Venezuela Victory Campaign

The time is here for the Lord to walk among His people and pour out His Spirit in Venezuela. Read how He will spread His Word among His people—so they can put pressure on the devil and make him leave!

Jun 29: Consider Me!

by Kenneth Copeland
Southwest Believers' Convention, Ft Worth, TX

When you think about God, think about His love for His Creation, and His power and ability to direct the ways of man.

Jun 12: This Is Our Time!

by Kenneth Copeland
Word of Faith Convention, Southfield, Mich.

Kenneth Copeland has a word from God for today! Get ready for victory, because this is our time!

Feb 27: Let Me Have Time With You!

by Kenneth Copeland
Branson Victory Campaign, Branson, MO

The Lord is speaking to us through Kenneth Copeland to enter deeper into a relationship with God.

Feb 27: Stand on My WORD!

by Kenneth Copeland
Branson Victory Campaign, Branson, MO

Kenneth Copeland gives a prophecy from the Lord on how to use His Word and live victoriously!

Feb 12: These Are My Times!

by Kenneth Copeland
Words of Life Church, North Miami Beach

In this prophecy given through Kenneth Copeland, the Lord encourages His people to be secure in Him and look ahead to the future our powerful God has planned.