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Prophecy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".  


Jan 20: This Nation Will Be Reborn

by Kenneth Copeland
Ministers' Conference

Kenneth Copeland gives a word from the Lord to remind believers not to look at circumstances, but know that God is working with His great power to protect His people and bring His will into the earth.


Dec 31: Prophecy: What About 2015? (A Year of Jubilee)

by Kenneth Copeland
Eagle Mountain International Church, Fort Worth, TX

Kenneth Copeland delivers a teaching and prophecy regarding 2015 and how it will be a year of jubilee—a time of celebrating, a time of redemption.

Dec 22: 2015 Prophetic Words

by Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, Keith Butler
Webcast with Pastors George & Terri Pearsons

The Lord is speaking to us about 2015, and it’s important to know what the Lord is saying!

Nov 14: I Am Lifting You Up With Me

by Kenneth Copeland
Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign

This is the coming – this is the year of the open door and it’s a door opened to higher places in the realm of the kingdom.

Nov 4: 'I Have Given You Your Nation Back!'

by Kenneth Copeland
America Stands 2014 Broadcast

Nov 3: Prophecy About the United States

by Kenneth Copeland
Autumn Assembly of Prayer, Branson, MO

The LORD recognizes that the United States belongs to Him. There is no problem of any kind—in any land—that’s too big for God to heal and change!

Jul 4: 'A Praying Generation!'

by Kenneth Copeland
Southwest Believers' Convention

Your prayers are bringing supernatural results.

Jul 4: 'The Best Is Yet to Come!"

by Kenneth Copeland
Southwest Believers' Convention

All the forces of heaven are working for the United States of America and many other places around the world.

Jun 30: The Best Days

by Kenneth Copeland
Southwest Believers' Convention

These days are the best days earth has ever known!

Jun 30: 'Raise Up Your Faith!'

by Kenneth Copeland
Southwest Believers' Convention

God is ready to show you things that only faith can see!