Prophecies - Kenneth Copeland Ministries


Prophecy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".  


Jan 1: Walking in the Light (1984)

by Billye Brim
1984 John Osteen Meeting

We should never forget that we are children of Light and we should always allow the Light of God and His Word to direct our steps.


Apr 1: Kenneth E Hagin Prayer Seminar April and October 1983

by Kenneth E. Hagin
1983 Kenneth E. Hagin Prayer Seminar

These excerpts speak clearly of the day in which we live!


Jan 1: All Will Be Well

by Kenneth E. Hagin
1982 Annual Prayer Seminar

Always give your spirit, time and opportunity to confirm to you the information you receive. Let the Word of God, interpreted by the Spirit of God, be your final authority!


Mar 29: The “Great Revival” Prophecy

by Kenneth Copeland

God’s people should be always ready to hear His voice and respond when He tells us to go here and do this in the days of great revival.


Feb 1: Financial Inversion

by Charles Capps
Honolulu, Hawaii

Release the Lord to take part in your finances and move on your behalf and see things turn upside down!


Feb 17: The Lord Has an Army: The Church Will Not Grow Weaker and Weaker.

by Kenneth E. Hagin

New revelation and every visitation of heaven will make the Church grow stronger and stronger and bring God’s glory to earth!


Jul 25: Tommy Hicks' End-Times Vision

by Tommy Hicks
Winnipeg, Canada

Let this vision received in 1961 wash over you as you read and see what God has in store for the end times!