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Prophecy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".  


Aug 2: A Place of Great Change!

by Creflo Dollar
Southwest Believers' Convention

Every day is a day of change and turnaround for God’s people who believe and expect it!

Aug 2: Climb Back to the Realms of Glory

by Billye Brim
Southwest Believers’ Convention

Let your ears listen and allow your heart to see. The presence and glory of the Lord is all around you.

Jul 6: God Is on the Move!

by Kenneth Copeland
West Coast Believers' Convention

God is openly uncovering the works of darkness around the world and showing Himself to be the Victor over all!

Jul 5: 'A Spiritual Tsunami'

by Kenneth Copeland
West Coast Believers' Convention

The islands of the world are being prepared to hear the gospel and receive Jesus like never before.

Jul 3: A Time of Great Outpouring

by Kenneth Copeland
West Coast Believers' Convention

The anointing causes revelation to flow and the mysteries of Christ to become clear in the last days.

Mar 4: 'The Earth Is Filled With the Glory!'

by Kenneth Copeland
2006 Branson Victory Campaign

God is revealing not only Himself to His people, but also themselves to His people. We are seeing who we really are and what He has really called us to do!

Mar 3: The Glory Is Rising!

by Kenneth Copeland
2006 Branson Victory Campaign

A people are alive on the earth today who are walking in the light of the knowledge of the Glory of God – a people who are changing the world!

Jan 6: 'Yield to Me'

by Leroy Thompson
Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast

Put your agenda aside and open your heart because you love the Lord and desire to be about His work in the earth.


Dec 31: 'The Year of Total Fulfillment'

by Kenneth Copeland
Eagle Mountain International Church

Things we had not known or seen before filled the year 2006…miracles, healings…a year of great manifestation of the glory of God.

Dec 24: 'Surely, the Glory Has Come!'

by Kenneth Copeland

In days of “heaven on earth” people will see signs and wonders in every corner of the earth, all to the glory of God!