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September 20, 2014


Nothing Intimidates God

Gloria Copeland

– 2 Corinthians 4:13, New King James Version

No matter what difficult situation you may be facing today, God can turn it around! The doctors may have told you thereís no hope. Your bank account may be empty and the creditors knocking on the door. There may be trouble in your family or on your job. You may have a loved one headed for prison. Your problems may be stacked so high, you feel like you can never overcome them. But donít let the devil fool you. He has never devised a problem that faith in God canít fix! Nothing intimidates God.

Itís just as easy for God to heal cancer as it is for Him to heal a headache. Itís as easy for Him to buy you a new home as it is for Him to pay your rent.

Think about that! If youíll dare to believe Godís Word, you can have light in the midst of a dark world. You can have protection in the midst of a dangerous world. You can live healed in the midst of a sick world. You can live prosperously in the midst of an impoverished world. You can live free in the midst of a captive world.

But you canít do it by dragging around in an attitude of defeat.

If you want to walk in constant victory, you must develop a spirit of faith and persevere when the devil is putting pressure on you.

Faith believes Godís Word just because God said itówhether natural circumstances seem to agree or not. That means if you want to maintain a spirit of faith in the area of healing, you must start by getting your Bible and finding out what God has said about healing. Then you must choose to receive that Word as the truth. Then say it! Say, ďThe Word says healing belongs to me and I believe it!Ē Keep putting the Word in your heart day after day until faith rises up within you and your body begins to line up with that Word.

People with the spirit of faith always receive the blessings of God. They may go through tests and trials, but they come out victorious every time.

I like those odds, donít you? I like to beat the devil every time. And, glory to God, we can do it if weíll walk continually in the spirit of faith.

Keep faith stirred up. Get your expectancy up and out there ahead of where you are now. Dare to believe God. It wonít shake Him up! Nothing intimidates Him!

Scripture Reading: Exodus 10:16-23

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