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October 1, 2014


Honor—He Guarantees It

Kenneth Copeland

– 1 Peter 2:12

One time when I was shopping in a convenience store, a preacher came in to purchase some shotgun shells. He began trying to talk the clerk into giving him a discount on his shells because he was a minister. It embarrassed me so. It made me so mad that he would do that to our God.

It almost made me ashamed for the clerk to know I was a preacher! The clerk didn’t have any authority to give the minister a discount even if he had wanted! The young man got really irritated. I wonder if that preacher has any idea how much damage his preoccupation with a petty discount might have caused in that clerk’s life.

I get so embarrassed at what people try to do as believers walking in dishonor. We are never to use our positions as preachers of the gospel or as children of God to defraud anyone.

It’s situations like these, and others on a much larger scale, that often cause the world to look at the Body of Christ with a raised eyebrow. They’ve not seen enough honor. They’ve seen too much dishonor. But you can help change that. You can guard your manner of life, your conversation. You can be honorable.

My parents were honorable people. I grew up seeing example after example of what it was to live honorably. That taught me valuable the fact that real honor isn’t hard to recognize. It may be hard to find, but not to recognize. Honor stands out in a crowd because it appears foolish in the system of the world.

You see, to be honorable requires an act of the will, an act which triggers and releases all that God has provided for us. It requires a choice between God’s Word and the subtleties and deceptions of the world. It requires a choice between the spirit and the flesh. It comes down to a choice between standing and falling.

If you are honorable, you will stand. If you are dishonorable, you are guaranteed to fall—and bring even more dishonor to the Body of Christ. If you don’t know how to live honorably, start learning.

You can begin with God and His Word. As you get into His Word and allow it to get on the inside of you, honor will well up in you so full, you’ll have no desire to walk in anything else. Your spirit will experience conviction about the smallest of commitments. You’ll become so tuned to His Spirit that you will become honorable in everything. You’ll be honest about the smallest details. You won’t exaggerate or hedge on the truth. Your word and your commitments will become as good as His. Believe me, He’s guaranteed it. He’s given you His Word.

Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 2:1-12

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