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November 1, 2014


Vote Holy Spirit

Kenneth Copeland

– James 1:5

As a believer, you have probably stood for your nation for years. I know I have. I pray for the leaders of the United States government from the president down to our local level regularly. I specifically release my faith and believe God for the deliverance and preservation of our spiritual heritage. I thank God that we are a free nation, that we can worship our God openly.

On the local level, on a regular basis, we have the opportunity to vote for elected officials. And every four years, we vote for the next president. Itís a tremendous privilege and a tremendous responsibility.

Many believers are tempted to be discouraged by the things they see wrong with the political system. But that is never a reason not to vote. No matter where you live, voting is putting feet to your faith. Voting brings to life your faith by taking the action real faith demands.

Yes, we should pray. And vote. We can never underestimate the importance of elections. They establish the spiritual climate of a nationís government. There are spiritual battles that rage over political positions. Satan is always trying to tell people that their vote wonít matter, that their one vote wonít make a difference. But that is a lie from the devil himself. Donít listen to his deceptions.

If you donít know whom to vote for, then go to the Lord and ask Him. He has specific ideas on how you should vote, and He will give you the wisdom you need (James 1:5). Take the time to get that wisdom from Him. Vote Holy Spirit!

Then, as Ephesians 6:13 says, ďHaving done all...stand.Ē

Stand in line to register to vote.

Stand in line to vote.

Stand in faith, believing His will to come to pass.

And then, no matter who wins, stand in prayer for them. Your job isnít finished in the voting continues in your prayer closet. You can make a difference, before, during and after the elections. Your vote counts and your prayer counts!

Scripture Reading: 1 Timothy 2:1-4

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