Courses by Topic: Prayer - Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Courses by Topic: Prayer

Change Things Through Prayer

You have the right to change things through prayer. Apply what you have learned about God’s promises and continue to pray expecting change. Kenneth Copeland gives you step-by-step direction on how ... more
Lessons Include
  1. Pray All the Time
  2. How to Have Conversations With God
  3. Put God's Power to Work
  4. Agreement Begins With You
  5. How to Pray for Your Finances

Expect Results From Prayer

Prayer is often portrayed as something you should do because you are a Christian. However, prayer is much more than a ritual with no results. You should see victory because of your prayers. Listen ... more
Lessons Include
  1. Even YOU Can Get Answers to Prayer
  2. Christ Is the Key to Getting Results
  3. How to Use the Name of Jesus
  4. Know Your Rights in Prayer
  5. God Wants You to Have Abundance Through Prayer

How to Make Your Prayers Effective

Prayer can seem like a mystery…like you’re shouting thousands of words into the cosmos and hoping some of them stick. But God doesn’t want prayer to be a mystery for you! He wants it to be a ... more
Lessons Include
  1. Basics of Prayer
  2. How to Receive From God in Prayer
  3. How to Talk With God and Get Results
  4. When You Pray You Are Actually Talking to God
  5. God Never Runs Out of Answers