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Find a Station

The Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast reaches more than 885 million viewers worldwide each day! Enter your location to find when and where it airs near you. 

Attention TBN viewers! Effective Oct. 2, 2020, the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast will no longer air on TBN. You can still watch daily online here or to find a station where it airs near you, enter your location above.

International : Canada

Location Station Channel Time (local)
Lethbridge CJIL - 8:00 am
Lethbridge CJIL - 11:30 am
National Vision Sat/Cable 9:30 am
National Vision Sat/Cable 10:00 am
National Daystar/Grace Sat/Cable 10:30 pm
Vancouver CHNU - 8:30 am
Vancouver CHNU - 10:00 am
Victoria CHEK - 7:30 am