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Kenneth Copeland

Hearing From God Helped Kenneth and Gloria Copeland Build a Pond on Their Arkansas Property

In this video, Kenneth Copeland shares how hearing from God helped him and Gloria build a pond on their Arkansas property. After he and Gloria got married more than 57 years ago, Gloria’s grandparents gave them four acres of property in Arkansas. One day, Kenneth was praising God for this wonderful gift, and he heard from God. God spoke to him about adding a levee in a certain spot that would create a pond! Watch as Kenneth tells this remarkable Jesus story! 

How to Do a Plank with Dr. Don Colbert

It’s time for the Church to live in divine health and walk in wholeness—spirit, soul and body!

Poor posture can cause a myriad of issues, including soreness and chronic pain, arthritis, poor circulation, increased stress, poor digestion, low energy and negative mood— just to name a few.