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The Word Came Alive

by L.L. , Kenai, Alaska

I have been following Kenneth Copeland Ministries since about 1997—listening to you on the broadcast, reading the BVOV magazine and books, listening to CDs, etc.—learning about and getting to know my heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I never knew I was so loved and protected! 
I will be 72 years old this year. Growing up, I heard about God. But I never knew Him! Through KCM’s teaching I’ve come to know that even the holy angels of God work for me, and I can tell them what to do by the Word of God! I also learned to take Communion in my house, as I need to! I have a prayer journal and most of my prayers are answered.
I will always follow your teaching. The Word of God came alive in my life and in those close to me through your teaching. Since 2000, I still read From Faith to Faith and Pursuit of His Presence every day. We have an awesome God! My financial breakthrough came through KCM’s prayers. 
Thank you. You are all in my daily prayers.