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The Great Physician at Work

by P.R. , U.K.

Just under two months ago I was diagnosed with a swelling on the brain that required surgery. I also received the BVOV newsletter about Jesus cursing the fig tree. I prayed the prayer over my brain, and in the spirit could clearly see Jesus and myself walking away smiling. The Holy Spirit told me I could ride with Him on eagles’ wings through the whole situation...and that I must read the praises and promises given in the Word. 
When I saw the surgeon, I told him I was a Christian and that I trusted in the Lord and in him also. He said God had sent me to the right place—I was thrilled and encouraged. But when the doctor said he would operate in four days, I told him I had no more private cover and no money for surgery. He told me not to be concerned—and he put me on his NHS list to operate as soon as possible. Days later, I had the operation and in those days I had peace—no worry or fear—I was riding on eagles’ wings. Two hours after I came round in recovery, I was on the ward, sitting up having coffee and biscuits. My heart was bursting with praise and thanksgiving to God. 
On the ward I prayed for other patients. My second night, a nurse came in going around the beds singing in the spirit...we spent nearly an hour talking about Jesus. She told me she sings over her patients every night. Four days later I was home with no pain or headache! I felt like I was in a bubble of love and that the favor of the Lord was upon me. 
I am so built up and encouraged by BVOV and the letters from Gloria and Ken. Everything within me shouts yes when I read them and they have helped me so much during this time. Praise the Lord, all is well.