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The Anointing Prevails

by D.W. , United Kingdom

Last time I wrote, I requested urgent prayer for my wife who had been diagnosed with a malignant tumor. We are rejoicing today after several extensive tests and a CT scan show that there are now no cancer cells in her body, for which we give God all the glory. I would like to testify to the goodness of God in my life during these months. 
Through the faithful ministry of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and other word of faith preachers, I was able to receive what could have been devastating news, without the fear I would have experienced a few years ago. I have spent a lot of time reading books by Charles Capps, Joyce Meyer, Fred Price, etc., and I can testify that God has enabled me to go through the last four months without once putting a negative word in my mouth. Satan tried hard to fill my mind with fear, but thanks be to God, He always causes us to triumph in Christ and His Anointing. 
Right from the start the Lord gave me a special word for my wife from Isaiah 58:8: “Your healing shall spring forth speedily” (New King James Version). And I have literally witnessed that taking place before my eyes. What a mighty God we serve! 
Thank you so much for your faithful prayer ministry and support. We have felt the benefit of your prayers and appreciate the faithful ministry of Brother Kenneth and his guests on BVOV, which continues to bless, excite and empower us day by day. We are standing with your ministry; we take your prophetic words very seriously and shape our lives and conduct upon them.