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She Took the Word Like Medicine

by N.J. , United Kingdom

For over three months I had great difficulty breathing and an ongoing cough. I am a fitness instructor and the breathing difficulties got so bad I couldn’t work for two weeks, and when I did work, I was constantly coughing and having to stop exercising with clients because I couldn’t breathe. It was also affecting my sleep. All in all I was in a bad way! I went to hospital—doctors, surgery, walk-in surgery and saw numerous doctors. Every doctor diagnosed something different. I had X-rays and was told there was nothing wrong with me. I was given steroids, inhalers and antibiotics, none of which worked. I felt God saying, You haven’t come to Me with this. I began to saturate myself in Him and His Word, writing out healing scriptures, listening to Gloria and Kenneth Copeland every day and confessing and praying scriptures. God told me to take the Word like medicine three times a day. He gave me eight scriptures and I would take a couple of minutes three times a day to pray them and thank God for them. I asked Him to protect me from getting into any unhelpful conversations and speaking words contrary to the Word. My health began to improve—I got better and better every day. It was hard at first. The symptoms were still raging, the devil was shouting at me, but God was watching over His Word, and it did not return void. There is no asthma, no allergy, no swine flu, no breathing difficulties. I can work, sleep and breathe. Praise God!