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Even Children Can Pray the Prayer of Faith

by Olga A. , North Carolina

I was raised in Superkid Academy. I grew up in Emic and Kcm. My family still works there to this day. I was blessed to have soaked up so much of the word and to be able to teach our children. I was told I had pulled a muscle and I was taking pain medication for it. A week later my daughter came in from playing outside and told me that Jesus wanted her to pray for me. "Pray for what?" I said. "Pray for the pain to go away, mom." "Oh, sure! Go for it!" I said. She began to pray and said something in her prayer that I was not expecting. She prayed that I would not be moved by what I felt or saw. How did she know that? Where did she hear that? Jesus! As soon, as she finished praying, I felt healed! The next day, I didn't need to take any pain medication! I told her that her prayer worked the next day and she looked at me and said,  "Mom, it's faith! Trusting God to do what he's promised!" Wow!