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Commitment Is the Key

by B.L. , Queensland, Australia

What George and Jeremy Pearsons have been saying recently on BVOV about getting out of debt has had a profound effect on our lives. Having watched the DVDs, I made a commitment to get out of debt on our business. We run an importing business, and I have been borrowing funds from the bank to cover shipments. Within three weeks of making this commitment, we received an “out of the blue” offer on an investment property we own. We have agreed on a price, and part of the proceeds will be put into an account to cover shipment costs. No more borrowing from the bank! How swift God was to honour our commitment and what a great sense of relief to have loans behind us.

Out of this experience I would say that there is a significant difference between a desire to get out of debt and a commitment. I had wanted to get out of debt for some time but couldn’t see how we could do it. However, when I made a commitment, it opened the door to God’s blessing and financial breakthrough.

Thanks to Ken and Gloria, and the team, for the great help they are to our family in revealing God’s Word at pertinent times in our lives and underlining the actions we need to take to receive and accomplish all God has for us. God bless you and kind regards.