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A Priceless Contribution

by C.K. , Denmark

Some years ago, I was totally not interested in your TV program. Whenever I would be watching TBN and your program would come on, I would switch to another channel. I did this for a long time, and even commented to those around me that I did not like that specific program. Now, I am sorry I ever said that.
One day during my prayer time, the Lord impressed upon my heart to pray for Gloria Copeland. I didn’t know why, I just prayed. Many months later, when your TV program came on I didn’t turn it off. I just sat there and watched it. And I am forever thankful to God that I did. Since then I have been very interested in watching your programs and even listen to your messages on my iPod. On top of that, we receive your magazines and purchase your ministry products. This is because the Word that comes from your ministry is so rich, so deep, so strong, and it is what the world needs to hear and what I need to hear!
As a minister of the gospel, this Word that you teach and preach has taken my walk with the Lord to a deeper, fuller and more meaningful level and continues to do so. It builds me up and I would like to say a very big thank you for your faithfulness to what the Lord has called you to do and how you have contributed to my life.