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A Love for Jail Ministry

by K.C. , Michigan

At the age of 17 I was introduced to heroin and for the next 20 plus years I was in addiction very heavily. I tried everything to kick this horrible habit. I tried Narcotic Anonymous, Alcoholic Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and I was in and out of treatment centers and rehabs. One day when I was at my very lowest with a needle stuck in my arm the Lord spoke to me [telling] me I was a child of God and it was time for me to leave Grand Rapids, MI. I moved to Charlotte, NC.

In Charlotte I started attending New Life Fellowship Church under the teaching of Pastor John P Kee. Pastor Kee taught on the Word of faith and personal relationship with Christ our Savior. My life began to change. That was in 2000 and now 14 years later I can say that I have been delivered from heroin, all other drugs and alcohol. Praise the Lord!