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March 26

Q: Can Satan influence our dreams?


Yes, if given opportunity. And you can be sure Satan will try to take advantage of every opportunity made available to him (1 Peter 5:8). Many people are oppressed by Satan in their minds, as others are in their bodies. Satan cannot read our minds, but he can tempt us with wrong thoughts. The good news is that we can resist those thoughts by speaking God’s Word out of our mouths.

Brother Copeland recommends that believers never go to bed with fearful or angry thoughts on their minds. Before sleeping we should take the time to read God’s Word and go to bed thinking right thoughts (Ephesians 4:26-27). If a wrong thought persists, we can take control of it by speaking God’s Word with our mouths. Satan’s ability to influence us in sleep is diminished when we don’t give place to his thoughts when we are awake.

God does at times speak to people through dreams, but His intent would never be to bring fear. If we awake with a sense of urgency after a dream, we can take the time to pray over it. If the dream is important, we can be assured that as we pray and wait on the Lord that He will give us the interpretation and understanding (Daniel 2:20-23, 28; John 16:13).