Chaplain A. L. Downing @ EMIC | Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Chaplain A. L. Downing @ EMIC
Event Date:
Jul 11, 2021
Event location:
Eagle Mountain International Church
14355 Morris Dido Newark Rd
Newark, TX 76071
United States of America
Chaplain A.L. Downing, Retired

Dr. Downing served as a military Chaplain for 21 years of a twenty-four career in the United States Military. Dr. Downing perform duties as an army chaplain for fourteen months in Iraq and received the Bronze Star Medal.

Dr. Albert L. Downing is the first African American to graduate from Mid Atlantic Christ University.

Pastor Downing received a Master’s of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctorate Degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Pastor A.L.Downing is the founder and senior pastor of Living Faith Ministries (LFM), a multi-cultural, non-denominational church located in the Columbia, South Carolina. He is also the founder of A. L. Downing Ministries, which is a 103 global church community under his tutelage.

9:00 am
Chaplain A. L. Downing, Retired
11:00 am
Chaplain A. L. Downing, Retired

Age appropriate services for children birth through middle school provided in the Sanctuary classrooms and the Student Life Center.