How to Do a Plank with Dr. Don Colbert | Kenneth Copeland Ministries

How to Do a Plank with Dr. Don Colbert

It’s time for the Church to live in divine health and walk in wholeness—spirit, soul and body!

Poor posture can cause a myriad of issues, including soreness and chronic pain, arthritis, poor circulation, increased stress, poor digestion, low energy and negative mood— just to name a few.

In this video, Dr. Don Colbert teaches about the power of the plank and a posture reset! These simple core and postural exercises only take a couple minutes each day, but they will have a major impact on your health. They will strengthen your core and help prevent chronic back pain, align your back and keep your posture correct.

The Power of the Plank and a Posture Reset with Dr. Don Colbert