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Step #2: Find Scriptures That Promise You the Answer

January 17, 2017 Gloria Copeland & George Pearsons

Locate scriptures that promise your answer and declare them, to demonstrate by faith you already ... more

Step #1: Decide What You Want From God

January 16, 2017 Gloria Copeland & George Pearsons

Learn how to get your prayers answered by first deciding what you want God to give you.

How Faith Is Released

January 15, 2017 Kenneth Copeland

Truth is the foundation of the Bible and Christian belief. Today, join Kenneth Copeland on  ... more

How to Take Your Authority in Times of Crisis!

January 13, 2017 Kenneth Copeland

In a crisis, you need to have powerful faith. Learn to think God’s thoughts and practice His way, ... more

Prepare Yourself to Overcome Trouble

January 12, 2017 Kenneth Copeland

Learn how filling your heart and mouth with God’s WORD gives Him permission to keep you safe!

God’s Way Is Always Right!

January 11, 2017 Kenneth Copeland

Learn how to put God’s way first! Use your faith and expect Him to work for your good—because ... more

How to Pray God’s Wisdom

January 10, 2017 Kenneth Copeland

Let the wisdom of God overtake you, and learn how to pray the perfect prayer in the Spirit of ... more

God Promises You Wisdom and Understanding

January 9, 2017 Kenneth Copeland

Find God’s promise for your situation and base your prayer and faith in it—confident that ... more

How to Grow in Faith

January 8, 2017 Kenneth Copeland

When you were born again, you were given a “measure of faith”.  Today, on the ... more

God Works Through the Holy Spirit

January 6, 2017 Kenneth Copeland

The Holy Spirit will help you keep your thoughts, words and expectations on God's WORD, rather than ... more

God's Way Is the Faith Way

January 5, 2017 Kenneth Copeland

Discover how to speak God's WORD in faith and get the same results He gets.

God's Way Is Better Than Man's Way

January 4, 2017 Kenneth Copeland

A man's natural thoughts and ways have limits. See how choosing God's thoughts and ways will lead ... more