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Faith to Faith Daily Devotional

October 31, 2014

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Real Help

Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ ensures your eternal life in heaven…but it also includes an overcoming life here on earth. Discover how salvation includes God’s best for your health, protection, finances, relationships and success in life. It means a complete change from the inside out!

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Real Help

Pastor Luis Chacon Jr. Testimony

Pastor Luis Chacon Jr. ·

Partner and a pastor from California, came out of a life of drugs and now ministers to the kids on the street in those same situations. Now he...

Real Help

Pastor J.D. Bosheers Testimony

Pastor J.D. Bosheers ·

Came from a broken home, started drinking at a young age. Had a bad experience at church when the preacher would not baptize him. One day he...

Real Help

A New Life in Christ

Rose Hawkins · Ponca City, Okla.

I’m 30 years old and just recently accepted Jesus in my life. I’m writing you, hoping maybe my testimony will help someone else get...

Real Help

BVOV Changes Lives

J.S. · Tennessee

KCM’s television broadcast changed my life in April 1991. I am so thankful for finally finding the truth that set me free. When I was...