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Faith to Faith Daily Devotional

October 20, 2014


Real Help

Imagine walking with God in the Garden of Eden—having an intimate, loving relationship with Him. That peaceful place is available to you now through THE BLESSING. Discover how faith can create a Garden of restoration, communication and love in your relationships.


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Real Help

Partner Sails Through Adversity

Torey Goodson · Missouri

Shortly after I was born again in 1975, my family was introduced to KCM. I had never heard the Word preached under such an anointing …

Real Help

SWBC: A Major Turning Point

Pam Strickler · California

My husband, Jerry, and I went to the Believers’ Convention in Fort Worth for the whole week, or most of it, 11 years in a row from that first one in 1981 …

Real Help

A Call to Ministry

Al Gluchoski · Texas

I was introduced to Brother Copeland’s ministry at the 1981 Southwest Believers’ Convention. It was here that I began to sense my own call …

Real Help

New Teacher Brings the New!

Cheryl Fortson · Connecticut

In 1979, the Spirit of God led me to turn on my television. I saw a Caucasian man teaching and the Lord said, This is your new teacher …

Real Help

God Gave Me the Desire of My Heart

Carol Cardinale · New York

God had given me a dream of receiving a godly husband and wonderful marriage with us being called together in ministry. In June 1986, …