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Faith to Faith Daily Devotional

November 1, 2014

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Featured Testimonies

Does God still work miracles today? Absolutely! Read real-life testimonies from Christians worldwide…people just like you. See how faith in Jesus moves mountains of debt, how the Lord protects His Church, and how God still heals today. It’s living proof that “Jesus Is Lord!”

Want to share a testimony about how you were set free through the Word of God and faith teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries? Let our ministry team know!

Real Help

Prison Time Brings Freedom

S.H. · Oklahoma

 From 1984-98, I was a struggling Christian. Addicted to drugs for 26 years, I was a needle user, and couldn’t get free. In 1998 I...

Real Help

Broadcast Brings Life

D.Y. · California

I was saved when I was 9 years old, but did not live a victorious Christian life. A few weeks ago I was seriously contemplating suicide. Then,...

Real Help

Rejects Blindness, Sees God Work!

Inez Turberville · Baker, Florida

 I have learned through your ministry to speak and pray the Word of God. I was in the eye doctor’s chair when he told me that I...

Real Help

Freedom From Fear

Diane Lego · Altamonte Springs, Florida

 In December of last year I began having anxiety and panic attacks. My thoughts were so negative. Fear was controlling my life and...