Twins = Double Blessing

Early in my niece’s pregnancy, things were touch-and-go. So I called KCM (and continued to call on a regular basis) for prayers of agreement that her twins would arrive safe and healthy. My niece also had some health issues going into the pregnancy. But thanks to the power of prayer, Mom, Dad and babies are doing fine. When I called your prayer line June 1, I wasn’t aware my niece was already in labor. She delivered the babies about four hours later and reported that her labor was “remarkably pain free”! The prayer minister and I had no way of knowing things were already in process, but God did!

I believe this “double blessing” is a result of my niece’s faithfulness. She would not compromise her Christian standards, and waited for the husband God had for her. She was 32 when they met. Now she has a godly husband and they will be bringing these babies into a cozy new home. Isn’t God amazing? Thank you so much for your prayers.